If you are looking to have your central heating boiler replaced, we are the company you need to speak to.

We fit all boiler makes and will happily explain the differences between them. If we decide your system is very dirty and full of sludge, we will recommend you having it power flushed. Some installers just want to get the job and quote cheap, ignoring the state the central heating system is in and fit a brand-new boiler without cleaning the pipework and radiators, which quite often result in boiler warranty being void. We are the people you can trust, we will make sure the installation meets the manufacturer requirements and will happily look after your new boiler by doing an annual service.

We understand how stressful it is when your boiler breaks down and replacing it is an unexpected cost, that is why we offer finance options for boiler installations.

You don’t have to pay anything for the first month, there is a no deposit option as well, which gives you some time to save up and organise funds for the monthly payments. We will honestly show you different payment options and terms, leaving you the decision how much will you pay every month. There is no pressure and you will get the finance decision within minutes during our survey. Give us a call and we will help you get your new boiler running in no time.

The installation itself can take anything from 1-3 days, but we will do our best not to leave you without heating or hot water for long. Our main priority is to get your heating system up and running with minimum hassle and delay.

Professional Boiler Installations


When do you need to have a boiler replaced?

Your house takes much longer to heat than before – The primary sign of boiler malfunction is delays in heating. If your boiler does not heat up as quickly as it did years ago, it possibly means it is wearing out mechanically. If you are waiting longer than expected for the water in your water tank or the house to get warm, it is time to have your boiler checked by a Gas Safe Registered plumber as soon as possible to check if it needs to be repaired or replaced with a newer, more energy efficient model. The sooner it is repaired or replaced, the better for you and your heating bills.


Your central heating boiler breaks down frequently: If your boiler breaks down every few months, it is no longer fit to provide proper and reliable heating. You can have it repaired, but the problem will persist and might get worse in time. If the repair costs already seem too much for you, it is probably time to have it replaced with a new, much more energy efficient boiler.


As boilers age, maintenance costs tend to become more expensive. This is because the parts for older models become harder to find and obtain as they become “obsolete” or outdated as the years pass. Also, older boilers are harder to patch up because the constructive materials deteriorate over time and become too fragile for repairs and add-ons.


Another sign you might be paying more for wasted heat energy due to a malfunctioning boiler are increased energy bills. It could only be caused by two things—either your energy supplier is increasing charges or your boiler is consuming more energy to keep up with producing sufficient heating for your home. To make sure that it´s not the boiler that is causing problem, you should ring a gas safe plumber to check the efficiency of your boiler. If it is less than 75 percent, then it would be the right time to replace it with a new, energy efficient boiler to produce more affordable warmth in your home.


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