Over the years systems can get very dirty, which can make your heating system less efficient and affect the way your boiler works, causing breakdowns in the long term. If you need to bleed your radiators frequently or they have cold spots on the bottom, it is a sign of a sludge in the system.

If your central heating system has not been protected with a corrosion inhibitor, corrosion debris could have accumulated in your boiler causing limescale deposition and energy wastage. This can also affect the pump, causing seizure and failures. The magnetic and abrasive properties of black oxide sludge increase shaft and bearing wear in pumps, causing them to stick or fail.

The best way to clean the system is to perform a power flush.

Power flushing is the most efficient and effective method of cleaning a central heating system. The principle is to create a powerful fresh water flow under controlled conditions to remove debris from the system. By connecting the powerflushing unit to the central heating circuit in place of the pump, boiler or radiator the system can be thoroughly cleaned of limescale and corrosion debris. It is one of the services we perform frequently, with great results. We have one of the most powerful machines on the market, FERNOX MKIII, which can generate flow up to 99 litres per minute.

At KamCan Plumbing & Heating we always advise our customers to have their system powerflushed when they have a new boiler installed to an existing system. System debris should be removed, otherwise, it could accumulate into limescale, sludge and corrosion deposits leading to system breakdown. Even in new systems, flux and solder residues will be present and need to be removed to protect the boiler. Powerflushing is the fastest and most effective way to do this. The boiler, hot water cylinder and radiators are cleaned individually to ensure the debris is fully removed to stop the problems occurring in the future.

Save Money and Energy with Powerflushing



Here are the 5 main benefits of powerflushing:
1. Radiators performance is improved ( radiators get much warmer )
2. It extends the life of your boiler
3. Prevents costly repairs, breakdowns and call-out charges
4. It validates the boiler warranty
5. It reduces the bills and saves you money

To find out if you system needs powerflushing, it is recommended to get a qualified plumber to check your heating system. We provide the best service in Halifax when it comes to powerflushing, so do not wait any longer and give us a call today on 0800 009 6353 for a free, no obligation quote.


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