If you want to have high pressure hot water coming out from your taps, the best solution for that is to have an unvented cylinder installed. You need a professional plumber with qualifications to have one of these cylinders installed. All of our engineers hold a current G3 Unvented Qualification and undertake installations in Halifax, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield and surrounding area.

Pressurised cylinders are ideal for bigger properties with multiple bathrooms. They provide a high volume storage of hot water and very good flow rate, better than a combi boiler, resulting in quick filling baths and powerful showers.

The cost of the installation is different with every job and depends on proximity to an external wall (for safety discharge outlet), electrics, but also the size and location of the mains pipe in the house.

Professional Unvented Cylinder Installations


Is my mains water supply suitable?

It is very important that your mains water pressure is at minimum of 1.5 bar dynamic pressure, although all unvented systems will operate at pressures as low as 1 bar. The size of the incoming mains pipe ideally needs to be 25mm MDPE or 22mm copper, in order to provide adequate flow.

We can carry out a full survey for you and provide an estimate of how much the work will cost .

An unvented cylinder can be fitted in most locations like a garage, loft, airing cupboard or basement. It is a requirement to have a pressurised cylinder serviced every year. During a service visit we make sure the thermostats and controls work properly, clean filters and test all of the safety components.

If you are experiencing problems with your cylinder, want it servicing or considering having one installed, give us a ring today for a free, no obligation quote.


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